Zeiss T* POL Filter | 77mm Circular Polarizer

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  • Genuine Zeiss Filter
  • High Quality Glass
  • Zeiss T* Anti-reflective Coating
  • Minimizes light reflections
  • Increases the colour saturation
  • Ideal for ZEISS lenses
  • Compatible with non-ZEISS lenses
  • Optimal protection and more clarity

Minimizes light reflections on non-metallic surfaces and increases the colour saturation under many lighting conditions
The ZEISS T* POL Filters allow you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic
surfaces such as water, glass, paint etc. In landscape photography, they can intensify the
blue of the sky, the color saturation of leaves as well as the overall contrast by filtering
out light with a particular direction of polarization.
Depending also on the angle between camera and lighting, the effect can be controlled
by the rotary mount of the filter directly in the viewfinder of a SLR camera or on a live
view screen.
Circular POL Filters avoid problems with exposure metering and AF systems of (D)SLR
camera bodies that might occur with linear POL filters.

ZEISS Quality
Using a low quality filter optical effects might appear diminishing the quality of your
picture. Especially fast lenses of long focal lengths need demanding polish quality of the
filter to preserve the image sharpness. The high-quality glass is optically homogeneous
and the surfaces are accurately plane to match perfectly for high-performance lenses.

Filter Coating
All ZEISS T* POL Filters feature the T* anti-reflective coating. Special substances, one by
one, are vaporized with very high energy in a high vacuum, which are then deposited on
the glass surface as coatings with precisely controlled thicknesses to increase the
transmission of visible light and achieve the desired reduction of reflections. The
technology has been constantly improved since it was first applied by Carl Zeiss back in
the 1930s.

Filter Mount
ZEISS T* POL Filters are equipped with standard filter thread mounts with an additional
front thread mount , e.g. to attach the standard lens cap. Additionally the rotary mount of
the POL Filters allow to control the filter effect individually. Due to their slim frame design
they can be used on wide angle lenses, even on a full frame camera body, without
vignetting. ZEISS T* POL Filters provide high-fit accuracy for fast filter change and can be
used on lenses in combination with their dedicated lens shades.

Transmission Curves
ZEISS T* POL Filters have a nearly constant transmission within the range of visible light
(between about 400nm and 700nm). So the filter appears in neutral grey tone and does
not tamper the hue. Transmission of non-polarized light will be reduced for about 1.5 fstops. Vertical polarized light is nearly completely cut off by the ZEISS T* POL Filter. Only a
small amount of deep blue wavelengths (400-450nm) will be transmitted.

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