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About Pantiles Cameras (Chas Norman Cameras Ltd)

We are a family run company that has been trading for over 50 years. We pride ourselves on extensive knowledge of the products we sell and outstanding customer service. Our competitive prices will tempt even the most frugal. We sell only Genuine UK sourced digital cameras and equipment, all come with full UK guarantees and back-up.

We also sell a wide range of camera accessories along with binoculars and scopes. We also find that our range of DAB digital radios are very popular with our customers.

We are authorised stockists for Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, Tamron, Sigma, Zeiss, Opticron, Hawke, Sky-Watcher and many other makes of photo and optical products.

Why does it matter if your product is a 'Genuine UK' one and not a 'Grey Import'?

We as a company have always and will always pride ourselves on great service combined
with honest practice. This includes supplying only genuine UK stock direct from the UK suppliers.
What are the benefits?

  1. All comes complete with a genuine UK manufactures warranty
  2. The product is designed for the UK and comes complete with the correct accessories. (Grey - imported products don't always come with UK chargers/leads/instruction etc.)
  3. If the product goes wrong or you need help, a 'Grey supplier' generally is not the most honest helpful or knowledgeable.
  4. Often a parcel sent from a Grey importer is not insured and is up to you to add insurance, they only have to prove they actually posted a parcel and no more!
  5. If god forbid Pantiles Cameras ceased trading, you would know you could send your item direct to the manufacturer and still have a full guarantee. Could you do this from products purchased from here today gone tomorrow Grey internet importers?
  6. All our genuine UK product come VAT and duty paid, Grey imports often don't this is how they look cheaper. You are legally obliged to pay the VAT at 20% and import duty.

Does it look so attractive now that purchase from www.internet-uk-based-cameras-r-us.co.uk or whoever it may be? Always check, just because the site is 'UK based' doesn't mean it's a genuine UK product.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope we can help.

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