Fujifilm X100 Series Wide Angle Lens WCL-X100 - Silver

  • £279.99

Approx Delivery 7-14 Days

  • Designed for the FUJIFILM X100 Series
  • 28mm, 35mm equivalent
  • Matches the X100 design
  • Compatible with the X100 hood
  • Inc Cap and pouch
  • No adapter ring required
  • 49mm Filter thread
  • Silver version

28mm Wide conversion lens for the Fujifilm X100 series - Silver version
Matching the high quality construction of the FUJIFILM X100 Series cameras, the WCL-X100 Wide Conversions lens blends perfectly to provide enhanced photographic options by converting the X100 lens from 35mm (135 equivalent) to 28mm. This is achieved without compromising the original optical characteristics of the X100 cameras so images at f/2 still provide an attractive bokeh effect.

Attaching the WCL-X100 lens to the X100 cameras does not require an adaptor so the lens can be quickly attached ring or removed. The surface finish matched the X100 cameras and the Lens is compatible with the Lens Hood (sold separately).

To use the WCL-X100 Wide Conversion Lens with the X100S / X100 the camera#s firmware must be updated to version 1.3.0 or later.

Design in unity with the main body

Does not require an adapter ring to fit the conversion lens.
Using the same design as X100 lenses' barrel and hood (color, surface treatment, material) to offer a premium texture consistent with the looks of the camera body.
Can be used with X100's lens hood.
Comes with a 49mm snap-on cap, which can also be used when an adapter ring and lens hood are attached to X100.

Easy operability

In the OVF Mode, the four corners of the shooting range frame are marked with corner icons .
The frame marked with the corner icons is equivalent to 80% of the viewing area v.s capturing area.
The displayed distance index takes into account the focal distance of the wide conversion lens so as to offer the same operability as X100.
When the AF Frame Correction is ON, the viewfinder displays the AF frame with parallax correction for the wide converter for accurate confirmation of the focal position.

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