Digital Camera MOT

Let us 'MOT' your digital camera. We all need a bit of love from time to time, why not extend this to your camera?

Sensor Clean

The sensor is probably the most important part of the camera, and this attracts dust, diesel, and pollen particles, to mention just a few. These sit on the sensor an show up as dark blobs in light areas (ie sky)
We will professionally clean the sensor and surrounding area to make sure your pictures are as clean as you planned.


The firmware in your camera (The operating system in your camera - just like windows on a PC) is updated on fairly regular basis. These can and do improve your camera in many ways.
Some examples are:

  • Improved AF
  • Improved Battery Performance
  • Menu updates
  • Extended ISO
  • Bug Fixes
  • New features, like Eye AF, Movie upgrade, more custom features.

We will check your camera has the latest version of firmware, and if not upgrade and install it.

Clean & Check

Finally we will loving give your camera a thorough external clean and check
This service will generally take 2-5 days, but if you need it quickly, let us know and we'll do our best to meet your requirements
No need to book, just drop the camera in to one of our stores
(Or post if easier - a small return post charge we be added)


  • Compact Cameras - £39 (No sensor cleaning)
  • DSLR / Mirrorless (APS-C / Micro 4/3rds) - £69
  • DSLR / Mirrorless (Full Frame) - £89

Our Stores
Tunbridge Wells | Sevenoaks

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